Free Yourself From the Feeling of Falling Apart

Free Yourself From the Feeling of Falling Apart

I know the feeling of falling apart.

You followed all the rules. You please everyone. You're smart. Your life looks perfect from the outside, so why does it seem impossible to find balance? Why are you constantly overwhelmed? Why are you always exhausted? Why do you keep bending over backwards to keep everyone happy?  

You think if only you had enough time, you could get back on track. If only you could find the perfect blog. You buy the right books, you take care of your body, you read the motivational quotes and still you feel like you are always swimming upstream. 

Is it too much to ask to go to sleep at night feeling whole, accomplished and looking forward to the next day? Is it too much to ask to feel like you are enough both at home and at work? 

After years of allowing life drag me along, I felt trapped by the very life I so carefully created. I could no longer ignore the high price I was paying for ignoring my gut: I was anxious, edgy and always questioning myself and my worth. 

I began to ask myself tough questions.
Was I was ready to make changes? Was I even worth the investment of time and money?
Shouldn't I only be investing in my kids at this point?
What would people think of me?
My life looks enviable already. How selfish am I to say I want more?
Was hiring a coach a sign of weakness?
Why couldn't I just fix it myself?
What if I discovered some horrible truth about myself?
Wasn't it just easier to keep the status quo? 

Martyrdom is not pretty.

Neither is being selfless. Ditto being everything to all people. I didn't want to model that for my kids. I wanted my four children to grow up knowing they mattered at every age and stage of their lives. Joyful living is not just for the young. Curiosity and self-discovery does not end after college or when you start a family. I wanted to leave a legacy of courage and reinvention. I wanted to show by example that we never have to settle. 

Courage doesn't always roar. 

Sometimes it comes in whispers. I wanted to model that kind of courage for my kids. And I did.

I decided my life, my health and my relationships were worth the investment. I hired a life coach. I got clear about what mattered most to me and, as they say, the rest is history: I went back to school, got a coaching certificate, started my own coaching practice where I help women stay connected and strong while they free themselves from the feelings of falling apart.

Life is messy.

Some days look and feel better than others, but living a life you love makes it easier to stay strong and focused, to be filled with joy and spontaneity.

You are too smart and too with-it to settle for a life you don't love, rushing around on a hamster wheel, pleasing everyone else while feeling trapped inside.

The life you want does not happen by accident. Most people don’t realize coaching is like a workout for your soul: a small amount of time can transform your life. Imagine where your life will take you with weekly dedicated time to focus on you?

What my clients are saying

Vanessa Grayslake, IL

As my life coach, T-Ann invested the time in me to establish my life values. This single act helped me cut through the clutter and heaviness in my life so I now make decisions based on what is truly important to me. She gave me a great gift --- the tools and guidance to live my life from a place of strength, purpose, and clarity.

Elizabeth in Denver, CO

We have faced death together. With two back to back tragic deaths to endure, T-Ann was a rock at my side, I would not have been able to see through all the chaos to stay present and focus on finding the joy and counting the blessings that I have all around me. I can't encourage you enough to reach out and just start a dialogue with T-Ann.  See where it can take you.  See what doors it opens.  It isn't about changing the past, it is about seeing your future and allowing yourself to have the best possible life.


When I started working with T-Ann I was a shell. I looked like I had it all: a husband, four great kids and my own business. I was miserable walking on eggshells trying to keep everyone else happy. I was so out of touch with my own wants and needs, I didn't know where to begin to change things. Starting from my first session with T-Ann, I had clarity. I knew what I wanted, even though it all seemed impossible and  even greedy to want so much happiness. I learned to take small manageable steps. I was out of my comfort zone, but never felt overwhelmed. Things began to shift. I was feeling lighter and more in control. I stopped procrastinating. I learned to delegate. I learned to speak up. I learned to communicate my needs which made all the difference both at home and at work. Fast forward to me losing 60 pounds, finding the time I swore I didn't have to travel the world and spend more time with friends. I have achieved every 'impossible' dream I set for myself during my first session with T-Ann. If you could see me now!

Transform your thoughts, transform your life.

This 3 Month, 90 Day VIP Coaching program teaches you, step-by-step how to stop feeling like your life is falling apart and how to start living a life that aligns with what everyone sees from the outside: calm, confident beauty! We will work one-on-one in organic but structured sessions.

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90 Day 1:1 Coaching Package - Monthly Payment Plan


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Full Disclosure:  I do not believe women need to give up themselves in order to be a good employee, wife, mom and daughter. I do not believe selfless makes us desirable or feminine. We certainly don't need to model that kind of thinking for our kids.

My coaching will open your mind to countless possibilities. You will feel more confident and empowered at each and every session. You will easily make changes to your thoughts and patterns. You will find joy, but I am not a miracle worker. Coaching is not a platform for complaining. You will never convince me you are stuck. This coaching package is for serious women who are ready step into a new arena of control.

If you are deeply committed to being yourself – smart, strong, confident and brave – then coaching with me is exactly what you’ve been searching for. 

Before you go, let me ask you something

What happens if you do not commit to end feelings of falling apart and continue to try to fix it on your own?

Will you still have that hollow, sinking feeling that you were meant to live a happier and more engaged life?

Will you still feel the constant demands of pleasing everyone else while your soul dies a little each time?

Will you still feel trapped by lack of time and money?

Will you still be scrambling for the perfect book, blog, magazine or diet or exercise regime to heal and empower you?

Will you still be modeling behavior for your kids that screams it is okay to be invisible?

Here’s what I know for sure,

Aren't you ready to calm the negative and self-doubting voice in your head and start living life with more confidence, purpose and joy? Isn't that the example you want to model for your kids?

Free Yourself from the Falling Apart



P.S. My new Free Yourself from Falling Apart: A 90 Day Coaching Program is exclusively designed for smart women who are ready to start living a life of confidence, purpose and joy. Isn't it time to align your life? To make your life feel as good on the inside as it looks from the outside?


Q: Is coaching scary? What if I discover something about myself that rocks my world?

A:  The truth is, the stuff you've been telling yourself for years is scary, coaching isn't. Together, we'll throw open the windows to shed some light on all that junk you tell yourself. I assure you there is nothing scary about the process. My clients find relief and empowerment in coaching because they learn to not fear their own thoughts.

Q: Why does everyone else seem to have their life together?

A: They don't.

Q: You have no idea how messed up I am. How can you be so sure this process will work for me?

A:  Let's set up a Discovery Call. I want what is best for you. I want what is best for me. I want this process to be successful and enjoyable for both of us. If, when we talk, neither one of us thinks it is a good fit, then we get to move on. It is coaching. It is liberating. It isn't a life sentence! 

Q: Are you the real deal?

A:  Yep. I am. I LOVE what I do. I LOVE helping my clients transform their careers, their relationships, their parenting and their health. I practice what I preach. I, too, work on myself. We get one shot at this life. I want to take it.  


T-Ann Pierce

I am a certified life coach who has coached clients all over the world. I am a speaker covering all aspects of quality of life topics such as relationships, purpose and parenting. I have a lifetime of experiences and studies. I have a degree in English and Early Childhood Development. I have studied theology and have continued my education through certifications throughout my career. I live and breathe this stuff. I know the short cuts to feeling unstuck and empowered.